Nef Animation

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NEF Animation est financée par

Région Pays de Loire CNC Ministère de la culture

What is NEF Animation ?

NEF Animation is a francophone platform for professionals dedicated to the writing of and about animated film. NEF Animation is a place of reflection on animation as an art form, a place of resources for research and studies, a place of convergence for initiatives and a place for developing projects and actions.

Its creation is based on the experience conducted by Xavier Kawa-Topor at the Abbey of Fontevraud, from 2006 to 2015.


This initiative is supported by the SPFA (French union of animated film producers), the AFCA (French animated film association), the CNC (French National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image), the French Ministry of culture and communication and the French Region Pays de la Loire.


It also benefits from a broad commitment of the professionals and from various partnerships.


Its main missions are :

  • To support the writing and the creative research in the field of animated film (particularly by developping artist residency programs that encourage international mobility)
  • To foster the exchange of ideas and experiences, the transmission of knowledge and skills (particularly by organizing professional meetings or masterclasses)
  • To encourage and support francophone research and studies about animated film (particularly by organizing symposium, conferences, workshops and publishing materials)
  • To collect and provide resources for a better knowledge of animated film (particularly through exhibitions, publications, screenings and web-resources)